First grade builds a great deal on the basic skills learned in kindergarten.  Through the learning strategies acquired in kindergarten, students in first grade can apply previous skills to new concepts and ideas.

Language arts continues to focus on phonics skills as well as expanding on sight words.  Students will use these skills to demonstrate fluency and comprehension in their reading.  First grade students will also learn to write related sentences and to vary sentence structure.

Students will begin to work with numbers up to 100 in first grade.  Addition and subtraction, word problems, graphs and data, measurement, money, and time are concepts covered in first grade.

Students will use the scientific method to understand and complete labs associated with the Florida Studies Science curriculum.  Topics covered in this curriculum include weather, the water cycle, plants, animals, and rocks and minerals.

Social studies readings are through the Florida Studies Weekly curriculum.  This includes weekly newspapers, associated leveled readers, and class discussion.  Topics include timelines, citizenship, needs and wants, and American traditions and symbols.


Language Arts Mathematics Science Social Studies
● Decoding

● Reading common sight words and expanding on sight word recognition

● Phonics

● Following written directions

● Reading and comprehending a variety of genres

     o   Connections to text

     o   Summarizing

     o   Inferring

     o   Predicting

● Parts of speech

     o   Nouns

     o   Verbs

     o   Adjectives

     o   Pronouns

● Sentence structure

● Writing responses

● Types of sentences

● Number sense to 100

● Patterns

● Graphs and data

● Calendar and time

● Money

● Fractions

● Addition with regrouping

● Subtraction

● Measurement

● Scientific method

● Plants and animals

● Basic needs

● Habitats

● Rocks and minerals

● Weather and water cycle

● Energy

● Conservation of natural resources

● Earth and other planets

● Citizenship

● Needs and wants

● Timelines

● American symbols and traditions

● Celebrations around the world

● Map skills

● Community jobs

● Geography

● Leaders