The main academic goals for the third grade are the mastery of multiplication and division, cursive writing, the parts of speech, and the composition of the formal paragraph.  The development of responsibility and independent work habits is also a major focus of this grade level.

In language arts, students focus on grammar, quotation, written communication, note-taking, comparing and contrasting, spatial order, diagrams, reports and summarization, dialogue, cursive writing, study skills, oral language, and literature.

Math instruction emphasizes variables and equations, geometry, measurement, graphs and data, time, money, multiplication, division, rounding and estimation, fractions, and decimals.

A note about science and social studies:

The 2nd and 3rd grade self-contained classroom teaches science and social studies on a two-year rotation.  All students learn the same material over their two years in the classroom but the sequence varies.

Physical, earth, and life sciences are taught.  Students will learn investigation skills, scientific tools, and the scientific process.  For physical science, students will focus on matter and how it changes, light, and energy.  In earth science, the students will learn about moon phases, natural resources, rocks and minerals, space and astronomy, and weathering.  Finally, in life science, students will learn about animal and plant life cycles, habitats, anatomy, and organisms.

Social studies classes focus on neighborhoods and communities, culture, and needs and wants.  Overviews of geography, basic economics, American history, and American government are included.


Language Arts Mathematics Science Social Studies
● Parts of speech

     o   Nouns, proper nouns

     o   Verbs: helping, special, irregular, past, present, future

     o   Pronouns (subject and object)

     o   Adverbs

     o   Adjectives

● Subject, predicate

● Spelling

● Sentence fluency

● Homophones

● Contractions

● Abbreviations

● Genres

● Punctuation

● Capitalization

● Writing

     o   Penmanship

     o   Brainstorming

     o   Paragraphs

     o   Revising

     o   Editing

● Decimals

● Fractions

● Graphs and data

● Estimation

● Rounding

● Probability

● Plane figures

● Line segments, angles

● Congruence, symmetry

● Solid figures

● Perimeter

● Area

● Time

● Money

● Multiplication

● Division

● Missing factors

● Multistep problems

● Factor pairs

● Expressions

● Equations

● Order of operations

Year A

● Matter

● Light, heat, energy

● Motion, sound

● Earth’s surface

● Natural resources

● Weather

● Solar system

● Living, nonliving things

● Animals, plants

● Life, environment

Year B

● Properties of matter

● Energy, heat

● Forces and motion

● Work and machines

● Minerals, rocks

● Forces shaping land

● Water cycle

● Conservation

● Earth in Solar System

● Types of plants

● Types of animals

● Habitats

● Interdependency of living things

Year A

● Neighborhoods

● Land, water

● Weather, climate

● Geography overview

● Cultures

● American symbols and holidays

● Needs and wants

● Goods and services

● Economics overview

● American history overview

● American government overview

Year B

● Communities

● Maps and features

● Culture

● Landforms

● Continents

● Oceans

● Hemispheres

● Glossary

● Goods and services