The English course builds upon the knowledge learned in 6th grade and pushes students to further application and synthesis of English skills.  Students will write in a variety of modes, including expository, narrative, persuasive, and literary analysis.

Spelling and vocabulary lessons consist of grade level-appropriate vocabulary for comprehension and grammar in context.  Lessons are designed to address writing skills, including grammar and reading skills.  Lessons consist of definitions, completion of sentences, synonyms, and antonyms, word choice, and vocabulary in context.  Enrichment continues in the form of building upon classical roots, word associations, word families, analogies, and enrichment of vocabulary.

Math units focus on algebraic thinking: operations involving rational numbers, use of geometric formulas to determine surface area and volume of various shapes, data, statistics, and probability, as well as ratios, proportions, and percentages.

A note about middle school science and history:

Middle school science and history courses are offered on a three-year rotation due to the small number of middle school students.  Each year, science includes topics from life, earth, and physical science, with the topics and examples rotating.  A specific social studies course is taught each year, rotating through world history, world geography, and American history. 


Language Arts Mathematics Science (see narrative) Social Studies
● Writing

     o   Expository

     o   Narrative

     o   Persuasive

     o   Literary analysis

● Vocabulary

     o   Definitions

     o   Sentence completion

     o   Synonyms

     o   Antonyms

     o   Word choice

     o   Context

     o   Classical roots

     o   Word associations

     o   Word families

     o   Analogies


● Algebraic thinking

● Operations with rational numbers

● Geometric formulas for area and volume

● Data

● Statistics, probability

● Ratios

● Proportions

● Percentages


Earth Science

● Basic physical science topics

● Matter and interactions

● Changing Earth surface

● Life

● Environment

Life Science

● Cells

● Organs and systems

● Organisms

● Genetics

● Inheritance

● Variation

● Diversity of life

Physical Science

● Elements

● Molecules

● Chemical reactions

● Physics

● Solar system

Year A – World History

● Early civilizations

● Greeks

● Roman Republic

● Roman Empire

● Fall of the empire

● The Middle Ages

● Feudalism

● The Church

● Towns and cities

● Islam

Year B – American History

● Colonization

● Revolution

● Founding documents

● Sectionalism

● Civil War, Reconstruction

● Gilded Age

● Twentieth Century

Year C – World Geography

● Map skills

● Latitude, longitude

● Continents, oceans

● Countries

● Culture