Students in kindergarten participate in a variety of activities designed to begin a love of learning.  Through the use of theme-based learning, students will be presented with lessons that integrate language arts, math, science, and social studies.

Language arts instruction focuses on phonics, letter and sight word recognition, and an introduction to grammar rules.  Students will learn basic parts of speech and will begin to write simple sentences.

Math instruction emphasizes the importance of number sense and counting (by ones, fives, and tens).  Instruction also focuses on positional words, measurement, patterns, sequences, time, money, addition, and subtraction.  Students will create and maintain an interactive math notebook.  This notebook is used as a reference for students and as a tool to track progress.

Students will create and maintain an interactive notebook for science units as well.  This notebook will contain vocabulary and labs/activities for science lessons.  Students will participate in a class garden designed to teach several kindergarten science topics, including weather, basic needs, and roles of animals and plants.

Social studies readings are through the Florida Studies Weekly curriculum.  Through the use of student newspapers, associated leveled readers, and class discussion, students will explore topics such as citizenship, rights and responsibilities, needs and wants, and maps.


Language Arts Mathematics Science Social Studies
● Letters recognition

● Letter sounds

● Phonics

● Sight word recognition

● Decoding skills

● Rhyming

● Participation in discussions

● Comprehension (reading and listening)

     o   Inference

     o   Connections to text

     o   Summarizing

     o   Story elements

     o   Sequencing

● Brainstorming

● Sentence structure

     o   Capitalization

     o   Ending punctuation

     o   Spacing between words

● Connect sentences and pictures

● Print concepts

● Roles of author and illustrator

● Number recognition to 30

● Counting by 1, 5, and 10

● Positional words

● Patterning

● Measurement

● Greater than and less than

● Graphs and data

● Calendar

● Fractions

● Time

● Money

● Plane and solid shapes

● Addition and subtraction

● Weather and seasons

● Day and night

● Plants and animals

● Basic needs

● Food groups and basic nutrition

● Parts of the body

● Citizenship

● Needs and wants

● Maps

● American symbols and traditions

● Celebrations around the world

● Spending and saving