Admissions Process

Schedule a Tour

If you are interested in sending your child to Good Shepherd, please make an appointment to visit the school. We would be delighted to meet with you informally, give a tour, and answer any questions.

Call us at (941) 575-2139 or e-mail at

Complete the Application

The next step is to apply online or complete a four-page application form by clicking here, which should be returned to the school along with a $25 application fee and other supporting documents. 

Decision Process

We will sometimes ask an applicant to attend school for a partial or full school day so that we can get to know the student and the student can get to know us. Such interaction gives us a good sense of fit, which is an extremely important criterion for admission. Admission decisions are never made by a single individual. We use a committee process, getting several members of the faculty involved in each decision.

Acceptance & Enrollment

If an offer of admission is made, a contract is provided to the parents. The completed contract, along with the registration and materials fees, secures that student’s place in the school.

Paying for Good Shepherd

Paying for a private school education is a major undertaking.  Our goal is to keep tuition and fees as low as possible while also providing a top quality college preparatory K-8 education.  When increases occur, it is because we must ensure the financial sustainability of the school and because we strive to make teaching at Good Shepherd a viable career proposition for our faculty.  All that said, financial decisions are made with a keen sensitivity to families.


Expenses for the 2018-2019 school year include the following:

Kindergarten Tuition:   $6,490

Grades 1-8 Tuition:        $7,875

Application fee:              $25 (one time only)

Registration fee:            $175 (maximum of $300 per family)

Materials fee:                  $275 per student


Other expenses, as needed:

Lunch:                                $3 per day (subject to change)

After care:                         $7 per day

Uniforms: Good Shepherd has school uniforms.  A limited number of used items are sometimes available, but families should budget to purchase some new uniform items each year.

School supplies: each teacher provides a supply list for school shopping.  We issue books to the students each year, and charge only if books are lost or damaged.

Volunteer work: each family is asked to complete a significant number of hours of volunteer service to the school.  Those who prefer may pay a fee of $350 in lieu of volunteer hours.


Those needing financial aid may request awards from donor funds that are generally available each year to help deserving families close the gap between what they are able to pay and Good Shepherd’s tuition.  Please write a letter to the Head of School, describing the financial need, as the first step in this process.  Grants are always decided by a committee.

For those who need greater financial aid, please check to see if you qualify for the Florida Tax Credit Scholarships.  Further information is at