Chapel at Good Shepherd is short, kid-friendly, and welcoming. We gather in the Church on Tuesday mornings, sitting by class. We sing as the classes arrive, followed by a quiet processional. A student reads a scripture selection, followed by a brief talk by the Head of School. The Rector leads the students and teachers in prayer — silent first, followed by reciting the Lord’s Prayer together. We all join in the recessional, singing and walking to class.

Chapel provides a leadership opportunity for the middle school students. They serve as our acolytes and readers, modeling for the younger students how to be active in the liturgy. All students and teachers go to chapel, and we ask them all to participate to their comfort levels. Those who prefer not to participate are expected to be present and respectful. Although we are an Episcopal school, we have students from many different faiths and some from no faith tradition. We welcome all of our students and honor the dignity of every person. We firmly believe that chapel is an important part of every student’s education. They learn about faith, they ponder matters of eternal significance, and they learn about our common human condition through our chapel experience.

Parents are always invited to chapel at Good Shepherd — there is no need to check with us in advance. Also, we encourage school families to be part of the Church, both Sunday services and all the many other activities that are offered.