Black Friday..Cyber Monday..

Thank you for your generous support!


Dear Friends,

Good Shepherd Episcopal School needs your help with our Giving Tuesday effort.  After years of ever-increasing spending by Americans on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, philanthropists have zeroed in on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving as a day for charitable giving during the holiday season.  Giving Tuesday is November 28 this year.

Unfortunately, the only way to meet our school budget is to raise many thousands of dollars in addition to our normal tuition revenue.  Simply meeting payroll is difficult enough for a small non-profit such as Good Shepherd, and we also have to pay for facilities, utilities, insurance, programs, supplies, and much more.

Every gift helps.  We need small gifts of $50 to purchase equipment and supplies for classes such as music, art, science, and physical education.  We need larger gifts to help defray the expenses of bringing in the visiting accreditation team in March.  Five gifts of $750 are needed to cover travel expenses for each of the five team members, a $500 gift is needed for the welcome dinner for the accreditors, and we need two $75 donors for lunches and snacks for the committee.  We hope for a special donor who will pledge $25,000-$35,000 for naming rights for a classroom, and we would love to begin conversations with a donor who might someday consider paying the mortgage balance.

Small gift or large, it will be the combined efforts of every one of us that keep the school financially sustainable.  Please understand that this appeal is crucial to our operation.  Please click here for the pledge form. Thanks in advance for your thoughtful and prayerful consideration of how you might give back some of what you have received to further our work of education in mind, body, and spirit in the heart of Punta Gorda.

Faithfully yours,


Greg Summers

Head of School