On Halloween 2018, the Good Shepherd grade K-8 students visited “The Palms of Punta Gorda”, a local assistive living facility. The students brought sunshine to the residents’ day and in return, they received a ton of Halloween treats. Loads of fun was had by all!

Grandparents’ Day

Good Shepherd recently celebrated Grandparents’ Day. Our guests were greeted at the beginning of the day just prior to chapel. The chapel message was on the importance of blessing children, and the school’s desire to be a blessing in the lives of families. After chapel, the grandparents and grandchildren enjoyed…

Artists in the Making

Mrs. Almaleh is teaching GSES students many different art techniques. Some recent examples are still life drawing and painting their own versions of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”. The students have fun by exercising their creativity, but they are also learning about famous artists in history.

Hula Huts

In PE today, Coach B had a challenging activity for students. Students had to compete in teams to figure out how to build a “Hula Hut” using six hula hoops.

STEM Activity

Our middle school students did a STEM activity of building towers from index cards.  The project required collaboration, cooperation, communication, and critical thinking – all of which are “21st Century skills” emphasized in cutting edge schools today.

Awards & Graduation Ceremony

Awards and Graduation Ceremony May 30, 2018 Good Shepherd held its annual Awards and 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony on May 30. Among the awards given were Most Improved recognition and subject awards for Art, Music, and Physical Education. Eight students received Academic Achievement Medals and nine received Citizenship Medals. Special…

Dissecting Frogs

With gloves and aprons on, the middle school students dissected frogs today.

K-1 & Middle School Students Working Together

The middle school students joined the kindergarten and 1st grade students in a fun-filled afternoon of games.  

Truly Nolan Teaches About Bugs

A representative from Truly Nolan visited the school to give a lesson about bugs. Thank you, Mrs. Kopp, for arranging this cool presentation.

Waterslides in the Classroom

Mr. Ingham’s students did a lab where they had to design and build their own waterslides in class.