Exemplary wear of the school uniform by Good Shepherd students.

Good Shepherd Episcopal School values school uniforms because they give a tasteful, consistent look, and they imbue a sense of equality among the students. We recommend uniforms from Lands’ End. Our school code is 900094558. Shirts, sweaters, and jackets should be purchased with the school’s logo embroidered onto the garment.

We are phasing out some colors, so please limit new shirts to blue, red, or white. (White can lose its brightness; sometimes it is best worn by the older students.) At least one navy blue shirt is mandatory, for chapel and field trips. We recommend a combination of long sleeve and short sleeve polo shirts. Under no circumstances is it appropriate to wear a long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve polo.

We highly recommend that each student have the navy blue zip fleece from Lands’ End, or a navy blue sweater from Lands’ End.

As always, khaki shorts, trousers, slacks, skirts, or jumpers are required, along with sneakers.

If parents choose to purchase uniforms from local vendors, please be diligent to match as closely as possible the Lands’ End line. The school’s logo can be embroidered onto clothing at the Golden Needle or Harbor Graphics. Please respect the fact that consistency of appearance is of high interest to the school. 

No matter which vendor you choose, dress and grooming must be conservative. We ask your help in supporting the uniform requirement rather than trying to circumvent it. If in doubt about what is appropriate to wear, please ask first.